Concerts at Pyrton

After several months of enforced inactivity Sophie and I have taken the plunge and are mounting a series of concerts in our home village of Pyrton, South Oxfordshire. Starting on Saturday 8th August, and continuing throughout the rest of August and September, we will host hour-long concerts at the beautiful St Mary’s Church each Saturday at midday and repeated at 3pm.

All concerts will adhere to government guidelines on numbers allowed and social distancing. Seats can be reserved for the August concerts by emailing: Details for the September concerts will be forthcoming.

It is now obvious that the coronavirus pandemic will continue to have a devastating effect on the arts for many months, if not years, to come. The resulting recalibration of our cultural landscape will be painful, but it will also come with opportunities. This is surely the moment to explore how local artists can more fully engage with, and benefit the communities within which they reside. And this is the moment for those communities to take “ownership” of such enterprises – to become directly involved, to invest time and energy, to take pride in what can be achieved with a shared vision and a shared sense of endeavour.

Smaller scale, locally rooted arts festivals are nothing new, and to have seen so many spring up and flourish over the past couple of decades has been extremely heartening. Given the steady decline in arts education within our schools – where it exists at all – such organisations now have a more crucial role than ever. So it is with this philosophy firmly in mind that we begin our series at Pyrton. We hope that it will continue to benefit the community far beyond these initial concerts and well into the future. But in order to achieve this we need your help and support. Please do join us if you can, and if you can’t, please consider donating at our GoFundMe page. And finally, please do feel free to circulate this as widely as possible!

With our best wishes,

Ryan & Sophie

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